Family League Soccer

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Family League Soccer is a new concept to the Wollondilly focusing on bringing the skills we all practice together in the backyard into a semi competitive format. Families can register as a whole, or as a smaller group which we will match up with another smaller group to form a team of 4 players. 

Played under modified rules so that all family members 6 years and up can play with and against whole families in a fun way. Scores will be kept (loosely) and every team will have a grand final on the final night against there nearest opposition on the ladder.

Games are played on a single court, with the adjacent court set aside with fun soccer games for smaller ones who may not be able to get on the field yet, but can still run around and have fun right next to you.

Select Below from one of our package options, and if none of them fit the package your family needs, please feel free to contact us here and we can organise for you.

Played on Friday nights over 4 weeks starting Friday February 4th and concluding Friday February 25th with a grand final for all families.