Junior Indoor - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions for junior soccer starting next week 

What shoes do we wear?
Any joggers, runners or indoor soccer boots with a flat sole. No studs of any type allowed.

What clothes do we wear?
All children are given a jersey to keep, you can wear any shorts or socks you like.

Do we need to wear shin pads?
No, shin pads are not compulsory

How many on the court?
U7s has 6 on the court and is welcome to have a parent on court to provide direction and encouragement to all players. U9s, U11s and U13s have 5 players on the court with no parents on field. 

How long do games go for?
2 X 13 minute halves 

Do parents need to stay during the game?
At least one parent from the team must be present during the match 

Is there a referee provided?
Every single match will have a qualified referee. 

What if we can't make it, or are short players?
 If you need to forfeit, please let us know as soon as you know. If you have 3 from your team, you can still play, we just need to know so we can organise fill ins. 

What time should the team arrive?
Match days will be very busy, please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to match time 

What facilities are on offer?
Canteen with drinks, lollies and all the usual treats for before or after a game. Amenities and disabled access available. 

Where to park?
Our front car park will be very busy, and we are blocking off some spots near the front door for pedestrians to enter safely. If car park is full, please park on Bridge Street.